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OCT 20, 2024
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an Rights(1) Fulfillment of obligations to international human rights convention▓s(2) International exchanges and coopera▓tion in the fiel

OCT 19, 2024
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d of human rightsPrefaceIn June 2012, with approval from the Chinese government, ▓the Information Office of the State Council publ▓ished the National Human Rights Act


▓ion Plan of China (2012-2015) (hereinafter referred to

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as the Action Plan). It i▓s China's second national plan on human ri▓ghts since the promulgation of the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010) in April 2009. Th▓e formulation and promulgation of the National Human Rights Action Plan

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is an important step taken by the Chinese government to honor its solem▓n commitment on human rights, to ensure the implementat▓ion of the constitutional principle of respecting and s

  • thnic minorities(2
  • ) Women's rights(3) Children
  • 's rights(4) Senio
  • r citizens' rights(5) Rights o
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afeguarding human rights and to advance China's

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human ▓rights in a comprehensive way.Local

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governments at various levels and the relevant d

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